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Merk: Danish Design Model: IV05Q1280
Danish Design Dames horloge IV05Q1280 Jasmin..
Excl. BTW:€164,46
Merk: Danish Design Model: IV05Q1295
Danish Design Dames horloge IV05Q1295 Nostalgi..
Excl. BTW:€147,93
Merk: Danish Design Model: IV24Q1207
Danish Design Dames horloge IV24Q1207 Squeezy..
Excl. BTW:€114,88
Merk: Danish Design Model: IV32Q1271
Danish Design Dames horloge IV32Q1271 Pico Penea..
Excl. BTW:€139,67
Merk: Danish Design Model: IV65Q1293
Danish Design Dames horloge IV65Q1293 Jolie..
Excl. BTW:€164,46
Merk: Danish Design Model: IV66Q1293
Danish Design Dames horloge IV66Q1293 Jolie..
Excl. BTW:€164,46
Merk: Danish Design Model: IV78Q1295
Danish Design Dames horloge IV78Q1295 Nostalgi..
Excl. BTW:€156,20
Merk: Danish Design Model: IQ14Q199
Rhine White Black MediumWith its contemporary design this watch has been the longest in our collection. Evolving slightly over time the Rhine series outlived various trends and is being loved by many.SPECIFICATIONSCase material: TitaniumCase color: SilverCase diameter (mm): 35 mmCase shape: RoundCas..
Excl. BTW:€82,60
Merk: Danish Design Model: IV05Q1272
Georgia Gold MeshA classic and minimalistic watch for a woman who follows her own style. This women's watch has an ascending sunburst dial, which gives the watch it's class. Pure design for a fashionable woman.SPECIFICATIONSCase material: Stainless SteelCase color: GoldCase diameter (mm): 32..
Excl. BTW:€131,41
Merk: Danish Design Model: IV11Q1288
Nostalgi 1988 Black GoldThe latest watch from Danish Design is an ode to 1988 - the start of the brand, now 33 years ago. Then the very first model of this watch manufacturer appeared, which was the first brand to introduce Scandinavian-oriented watches. And with the new Nostalgi 1988, Danish Design..
Excl. BTW:€123,14
Merk: Danish Design Model: IV11Q1291
Danish Design horloge IV11Q1291..
Excl. BTW:€131,41
Merk: Danish Design Model: IV11Q1292
Pico² GoldPico² is more ground-breaking than ever. Building on the success of the round Pico, Danish Design has come up with a standing, rectangular version, strongly reminiscent of a framed, abstract painting. Inspired by Pablo Picasso The Pico² seems to float free from the frame in the timepiece. ..
Excl. BTW:€147,93
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